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[ZZOLMYEON] 쫄면 조리방법

<쫄면 조리방법>
1.개봉 후 면을 잘 풀어놓습니다. 
2.100℃이상 끓는 물에 면을 넣고 20~30초 동안 약간 익힙니다. 
3.물기를 빼내 사라를 만들어 그릇에 담아 준비한 육수나 양념장을 적당히 넣어 비빔면으로  드시면 됩니다. (콩국수, 짜장도 가능합니다.)
4.식성에 따라 오이채, 식초, 설탕, 양파즙, 겨자, 참기름 등을 곁들여 드시면 더욱 맛있습니다.

<How to cook zzolmyeon>
1. Get the noodles loosened well after opening.
2. Put the noodles into boiling water over 100˚C and boil for 20~30 seconds.
3. Pull out moisture and put in a vessel and properly mix with the prepared gravy or species then eat.
 (Congguksoo(noodles in soybean soup), zzajang(noodles with stir-fried bean paste) are also possible.)
 4. At this time if take together with oychae (chopped cucumber seasoned with vinegar and other seasonings), cab bage, vinegar, sugar, mustard, sesame oil etc according to one's taste, it is more delicious.
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