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[TTEOKBOKKI] 떡볶이 조리방법

<떡볶이 조리방법>
1.떡을 물에 씻어 건져냅니다.
2.프라이팬에 물 180 CC(종이컵 1컵)을 붓고, 떡 355 g(2인분)을 넣은 후 고추장(80g정도), 물엿을    곁들여 끓이고 끓기 시작하면 불을 낮추어 양념이 떡에 베일 때까지 끓입니다.
 3.기호에 따라 야채, 어묵, 당면을 함께 곁들여도 좋습니다.

<How to cook tteokbokki>
1. Wash rice cake in water then take out.
2. Pour water 180 CC(1 paper cup) in the frying pan, put rice cake 355g (2serving) and hot pepper paste(80g
 extent), glutinous starch syrup. Then boil those. Once those begin to boil, lower the fire so that boil until species are soaked into rice cake.
 3.It is also good to take together with vegetables, boiled fish paste, Chinese noodles according to one's prefernce.
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